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Military Rifle & Pistol Displays & Clocks

Military Rifle and Pistol Collection
Rounds/ heads may vary from those shown, calibres may be substituted without prior notice.
All cartridges are inert and are fitted with fired primers.
Images are not to scale

Military Rifle & Pistol
Display containing both military rifle and Military pistol calibres
4,85 experimental up to 50 cal BMG and 32 ACP to .45 Long Colt
(340 x 505 mm)

Military Rifle
Display of just military rifle calibres.
5.45 x 39 to 10.75 x 68
(340 x 505 mm)

Large Bore Military Rifle
Calibres from early military action around the world.
11.43 x 50R Egyptian to 557/450 Martini Henry
(255 x 305 mm)

Military Pistol & Rev
A selection of military calibers from around the world including their adoptive date and country.
7.632 Tokarev to .50 Action express
(220 x 220 mm)

Military calibre clock

(380 x 380 mm)

Military Rifle (Small)
6.5 x 54 Mann-Schoenauer to
7.92 x 57 Mauser
(230 x 180 mm)