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FAQ / Terms and Conditions

Are the rounds live?

No , All the rounds whether they are shotgun or metallic are deactivated or have been made inert.

What about the primer?

In the case of the metallic rounds we fit fired or oiled primer, in the case of the shotgun rounds if it is possible we fit fired primers or oiled primers again. In regards to the antique/ collectable shotgun cartridges, the primers on these were never made to be removed, so we remove all the powder and also the shot to make them safe.

Can they be brought/shipped aboard?

We have shipped our displays and mounts all over Europe and America encountering no problems at all.

What about licenses or permits?

As the rounds are all inert/deactivated ( they are for display purposes only) and can never be reloaded. Before we started building displays our products were checked by the British DTI (department of trade and Industry), and we have been informed that we do not need any licenses to export, (no license required for export/import in the EU). For countries outside the EU, please check to see if an import license is required, any paper work/ license must be supplied by the importer.

If you have any questions not covered by this page, please contact us.