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Animal Head Bottle Stopper

Animal Head Bottle Stoppers
Embellish your opened wine bottles with friends from the country. Nickel plated/ white metal on a natural cork stopper.
Approximately 65mm H. Sold singly.

PBS7 + Letter
A. Hare
B. Oryx
C. Tiger
D. Fox
E. Bear
F. Horse
G. Elephant
H. Lion
I. Cape Buffalo
J. Rhino
K. Deer
L. Ram
M. Wolf
N. Boar
P. Pheasant
Q. Labrador
R. Spaniel
S. Moose
T. Quail
V. Carp Head
U. Owl
V. Carp
W. Catfish Head
Z. Ruffed Grouse
X. Bass
Y. Trout