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Below you will find an small image containing dog lapel pins. If you double click on the image it will bring up a full list. Please note that we do not shock all of these key rings but we are able to get them.
When ordering please order in multiples of 5 per lapel pin

2020J Sitting Labrador New Version

2020K Labrador Head New Version

450F Paw Print

870A Afghan

859 Airedale

464C Akita

463D American Bull Dog

464E AmericanEskimo

460A Amstaff Terrier

858 Australian Cattle Dog

867 Australian Shepherd

879 Basenji

855 Basset Hound

453 Beagle

872 Bernese Mountain Dog

856 Bichon Frise

453C Bloodhound

854 Border Collie

877B Border Terrier

870 Borzol

852 Boston Terrier

885 Bouvier

463 Boxer

Boykin Spaniel

455 Brittany

460C Bull Terrier

463A Bulldog

877 Cairn Terrier

455C Cavalier King Charles

869 Chesapeake

860 Smooth Chihuahua

860A Long Haired Chihuahua

880 Chinese Crested

880A Powder Puff Chinese Crested

464 Chow

455A Cocker Spaniel Show Clip

455E Cocker Spaniel Pet Clip

458C Collie

453B Coon Hound

866A Cardigan Welsh Corgi

866 Pembroke Corgi

462 Smooth Dachshund

462A Long Hair Dachshund

462B Wire Hair Dachshund

456A Dalmatian

459 Doberman

456 English Pointer

457 English Setter

457E English Setter (tail up)

463F French Bulldog

452 German Shepherd

451 German Shorthair Pointer

454 Golden Retriever

463B Great Dane

872A Great Pyrenees

453A Greyhound

882 Havanese

464A Husky

457A Irish Setter

470C Irish Wolfhound

453E Italian Greyhound

461C Jack Russell

883 Keeshond

2020J Sitting Labrador

450A Labrador

2020K Labrador Head

450C Labrador with Duck

857 Lhasa Apso

464D Malamute

865 Maltese Show Clip

865A Maltese Pet Clip

463C Mastiff

459A Miniature Pinscher

871 Newfoundland

464B Samoyed

878 Schipperke

461 Schnauzer

461B Scotty

458A Shar Pei

458 Sheltie

464F Shiba Inu

862 Shih Tzu Show Clip

862A Shih Tzu Pet Clip

874 Silky Terrier

876 SkyeTerrier

455B Springer Spaniel

4521B Viszla

451A Weimeraner

863 Westie

875 Wheaten

453D Whippet

859A Wire Fox Terrier

850 Yorkie Show Clip

850A Yorkie Pet Clip